About Us

Delivering on disruptive beverage technologies for the homes of North America

BPI® Certified

Rigorously tested & certified sustainable

Fully Compostable

100% commercially compostable in 90 days

Free Delivery

Coffee sent directly to your doorstep with free delivery

Premium Roasting

Roasted & Packaged in Milan, Italy

We Are Güdpod

Nutrition | Coffee | Tea | Espresso

We are a revolutionary single-serve technology company bringing daily beverage solutions to every member of the family at the press of a button.

Güdpod is reinventing the single-serve industry through its focus on sustainability and disruptive new beverage technology.

Our Mission

What sets us apart

It is our mission to lessen the carbon footprint of single serve beverages while bringing fast, convenient, premium quality options to the homes of North America.

Our unique co-injection coffee technology incorporates an advanced multi-layer substrate which guarantees an impermeable oxygen and moisture barrier to deliver a 24-month shelf-life while eliminating the need for secondary packaging.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

How it's done

Located in Milan, Italy, our state-of-the-art roasting facility is committed to manufacturing a consistent coffee roast every time. Following 8 years of development, testing, certifications, we grind, roast, and manufacture eco-friendly coffee pods to replace standard plastic and aluminum pods. Designed with a superior hard-bottom, and triple-layer barrier, the pods are fully commercially compostable. Not only do the compostable coffee pods serve as an environmentally friendly coffee format, but the industry-leading 100% biodegradable single-serve coffee cup also protects the coffee from degradation for a full 24 months