Fully Compostable

100% commercially compostable in 90 days

BPI® Certified

Rigorously tested & certified sustainable

Premium Roasting

Roasted & Packaged in Milan, Italy

Free Shipping

Free coffee delivery directly to your doorstep

Introducing Revolutionary Commercially Compostable Coffee Pods

Güdpod Compostables are not just any biodegradable coffee pod. The pods are rigorously tested, certified commercially compostable, and carry a 24-month shelf-life guarantee.

Compatible with leading single-serve beverage platforms, Güdpod Compostables do not require cup separation or rinsing to compost. 

Enjoy easier, environmentally-friendly, premium quality coffee right from home.


Keurig® Compatible Compostable Pods

Triple-layer, hard-bottom coffee pods with a 24-month shelf life guarantee

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Nespresso® Compatible Compostable Pods

Triple-layer, hard bottom espresso pods with a 24-month shelf life guarantee

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The Anatomy of a Güdpod Compostable Coffee Pod

Güdpod® compostable Keurig® and Nespresso® compatible pods boast a tri-layer superior oxygen barrier to keep moisture out and freshness in.

*Commercial Composting Required

Single-origin coffee and blends from around the world

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Certified 100% compostable coffee pods you can feel güd about

Simple Disposal

No cup separation is necessary to compost

Superior Freshness

24 month freshness guarantee


Cups are created with 100% compostable materials

No Mess

The hard bottom pods ensure no mess

BPI® Certified Eco-Conscious Coffee Pods

You can now feel güd about your daily coffee routine. Certified by the most rigorous international compostable certification agencies, Güdpod Compostables ensure your coffee remains fresh much longer than the standard coffee pod while lessening carbon emissions and waste. Simply prepare your pods for commercial composting according to your municipality.

Questions? We have answers!

Simply pop your compostable coffee pod out of the machine, and place in your commercial composting bin in accordance with your local municipality.

Güdpod Compostables feature a triple-layer, true oxygen, light, and moisture barrier. Every component of the coffee pods are created with compostable resources and ensure your coffee is protected from degradation to preserve the superior flavor of the coffee longer.

Güdpod Compostables are manufactured in Milan, Italy. The beans are roasted, ground, and immediately packaged into compostable pods to ensure quality and freshness.

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